Saturday, June 25, 2011

Newest Delta Plus images (From hobby magazine Aug. issue)

From the latest issue of Hobby Magazine comes some more Delta Plus pics. As we all remember Bandai pulled a fast one on us during the Shizouka Hobby Fair and revealed an almost complete prototype of the Delta Plus MG in their sector.

MG 1/100 Delta Plus Release Date: August 2011
price: 4725 Yen

with bandai's recent quick move revealing the Seven swords 00 a few weeks after the release of  the MG 00 Raiser, can we expect a Model of the original Delta Plus in the near future?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hello Guys,

   I've been a collector of TF's for quite a while now and just recently go back into collecting Gunpla. I have lot's of friend who have been blogging for a while, so I decided to start up my own. I'll be posting reviews, some news and a lot regarding TF's and Gunpla as the need arises. Till then people, this is the Mecha works Blog, happy to be of service