Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Delta Plus WIP 4: Binders and weapons

 so here I have the last pieces to complete
the binders held me up as it was placed the wrong way and I noted it only after assembly of the binder, so I had to take the darn thing apart....

    Here are the complete binders after an hour of trying to pick it apart and put it together, again.

Now onto the weaponry:

Here's the shield. placed one stripe of silver for detailing and did the sabers

   And here at last is the beam Rifle. Comparing it to a ReZEL. It's he same thing. down to the mold and Assembly. I did a few silver touch ups to make it stand out from the Regular ReZEL Rifle. lost the gem on the scope though. :(...

So here's my work so far:


 And as we speak, I am Decaling him right now. final post on this little pet project of mine will be the Delta Plus After Full Decals are applied. till then guys

Friday, September 16, 2011

Delta WIP 3: Main body

 part 3, so I tested Delta's ability to stand and kneel with the frame of the skirt armor, as seen below it stood pretty well.

   decided to add some details on the skirt like so......

   Aaaaand after a bit of fiddling and all that, I managed to finally assemble the Delta's Main body and I gotta say, I'm impressed with what it can pull off so far. Like most newer MG's, he has three parts on his legs that allow kneeling, and his shoulders are great. only thing bout the shoulder sis that you can only swing em forward (With the fact that a hinge connects the peg that holds the arm to the body and all)

 Will get crackin on the last part: Binders and Weaponry :D

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Delta Plus WIP 2: Legs

   So I got to work on the pistons. things were unpainted, so i introduced my markers and now you can see the results below. I liked the way they turned out. 

   Next we have the feet, nothing much. just a few highlights here and there

 The Legs took the longest for me to build. you can see why in the photos below. took like 2 days.one for the detailing alone, 2nd being the assembly. core of the legs are symmetrical. must be due to the design.

  okay, this was long overdue. I admit it, working on the delta made me forget my blog. expect part 3 in a while

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Delta Plus WIP 1


  So I got to work on my Delta plus MG (Well this is overdue, LONG overdue) I assembled the Head and as for it's frame, I am impressed quite detailed...


Also managed to work on the torso of the unit, placed some details on the inner markings and learnt about how it transforms, very reminiscent of Zeta..

Also got to work on the arms, detailing em and the like


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guess what arrived? :D

My Delta Plus kitt has finally arrived, Thanks to sir Zero Four for this. Anyway, I just gave the parts a runover and I'm about to start building this kit. wish me luck