Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prototype HGUC Delta sighted

So I browsed a fellow blogger's site and found this picture from a scan of the Hobby Magazine's feb issue.

   Now look at the MS Resin prototype there. Seems familiar? Looks like the Delta Plus right?  Bandai's made it official, we got one HGUC Delta Gundam coming in round March next year. As all Gundam fans know, the Delta Gundam was a prototype developed by Anaheim Electronics around the time of the Gryps Conflict (Time of Zeta Gundam) But during it's construction, the Delta's frame was discovered to have flaws. It made the unit essentally unable to transform (That would risk it tearng itself apart due to stress) And the Delta was eventually redesigned as the Hyaku Shiki. Years later, the concept was reinvestigated and the Delta Plus was created.

Delta Gundam MS Mode:

Wavrider mode:

That's it for MS Lore, only known info is that it will be essentially a transforming Hyaku Shiki (Colors are the same, so is the gun)
But with the plating (Gold) this will be a bit more on the expensive side for HGUC's

HGUC 1/144 Delta Gundam
Release Date: March 2012

Price: 4200 Yen

Credits to B - mecha for the scan

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Robot Damashii Buster...... A preview for the upcoming MG SEED Line?

  So here's the upcoming Robot Damashii Buster...

   First glance make you think Why the heck it looks so different, right?
Take a look at the pic below then .... (The day we saw Duel's display area, the new MG Duel)

  heck, if anything, I bet these SEED RD's will be a preview for the redesigned seed kits....hell, even the recent previewed Duel RD looks like the upcoming MG.. So any thoughts on this?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Official Images of MG Heavyarms

 From the two previous hobby shows. we've seen pictures of the long awaited Heavyarms, both in color and as a resin cast prototype... Now Bandai's released new official images regarding this kit


   Oh yes, it has LOTS of good accessories and it's got the style. If Bandai was trying to save the best for last. Then this kit would pretty much describe it, though I got a few points worth saying here
  • 1st, it looks like they reduced the number of the shoulder missile pods by two. Why they did it? could be to cut costs, but until someone get's a hand of this kit, we won't know
  • Well it looks like bandai got lazy on the combat knife add on... nothing a little paint should be unable to fix
  • Judging by the nub markings on that ammo belt, i looks like a similar case with the guntank from a few years back. 
  • And finally, it looks like that Gatling gun MIGHT be able to rotate....
  Well it seems Bandai's jacked up the price. A LOT I might add. though it would be worth it considering what we are getting here. time to save more then

MG 1/100 EW Heavyarms
Release date: Jan 2012
Price: 3990 Yen

Pics courtesy of GunJap

Friday, November 11, 2011

HG Unicorn Banshee Promotion poster (Both modes)

Yen  I bet you remember this picture:

   Yeah, figuring out who the heck the ones on the middle and right was a no brainer. And now Bandai releases this:

   And bandai treats us with not one, but TWO HGUC releases along with one MG to kick off the new year. Biggest difference with the banshee compared to unicorn 1 are the chest and it's weaponry, with the right sporting some long rifle (Could be a beam magnum) and the left hand sporting a massive claw.

Unicorn Fans will be pleased... better start saving

HGUC 1/144 Unicorn unit 02 "Banshee" normal mode - 1680 Yen
HGUC 1/144 Unicorn unit 02 "Banshee" destroy mode - 1890 Yen

Both kits will be released on January 2012

info and pics courtesy of GundamGuy

also, it seems they totally revamped the unit. it has the same gear as unicorn 1 in the manga (Pics below, courtesy of gundam wiki)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gunpla World Tour Expo Japan: Update!!

  Okay, we got an update! remember the newly announced MG Duel?


   Okay, here's why. I found this interesting picture from my friend on one of the Gundam FB groups....

    Oh yes. It looks like 2012 will be the year SEED Fans have been waiting for. And if the Duel's any indication, looks like they may be getting the face-lift treatment as well. :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gunpla Expo world tour Japan. GUNPLA's Unveiled today

   Hello there fellow model enthusiasts, Today's the big day. So it's day one of the Gunpla expo world Tour Japan.. And Bandai seriously Blindsided us with the releases so far. Heck, many Fans will be happy today...

MG 1/100 AGE-1

   So here's the Preview of the upcoming Age 1, The newest Gundam Anime to join the Gundam franchise. We'll be getting more of this soon though, not too many pics yet

Also, I noted from GG's Blog three, yes that's THREE More Age Related MG's to come in 2012:
MG 1/100 AGE-1T Titus (March 2012)
MG 1/100 AGE-1S Spallow (April 2012)
MG 1/100 Garfan (May 2012)

Seems bandai's picking up the pace with MG releases next year. You know what that means....

MG 1/100 AGE-1 Normal
Release date: Feb 2012
Price: TBA

MG 1/100 Duel Assault Shroud:

Aaaaaand our Mystery SEED MG is............... The Duel!? Yes, it is. In a surprising twist, Instead of the expected MG being the Justice, Aegis or Providence from SEED, Bandai decides to release the Self proclaimed Rival to Kira Yamato's Strike, the Duel (If you watched SEED, you'll know what I mean)complete with it's assault shroud combat gear and the Bazooka used by the Gold Fame (It is owned by the Duel, Gold Frame stole it in the astray manga) This kit is being released to celebrate the HD Remastering of the SEED Series and Gundam SEED's Anniversary. So, praying the other GAT MS get their share? We'll know soon enough. Do note it looks like the Duel just got a seriously heavy Face Lift, new design overall.

MG 1/100 Duel w/ Assault Shroud
Release Date: Feb 2012
Price: TBA

MG 1/100 FA Unicorn Gundam Ver Ka and  1/100Type 94 Base Jabber:

   So here we have a picture of the Full armor Unicorn ver ka coming in December. but the new Base Jabber here is quite something... I say this is quite new for bandai to release things like that, so I am looking forward to the Jabber (A Grunt riding it will be epic)

MG 1/100 FA Unicorn Ver ka
Release date: December 2011
Price: 8940 yen

Type 94 Base Jabber
Release date: TBA
Price: TBA

And now Bandai teases us with a secret here.. well more like 3 secrets, judging by the Silhouettes, anybody care to take a guess at who's behind that veil? (Hint it looks like it's for the HGUC Lineup)

   RG Striker packs (sword and Launcher) With Skygrasper 

   Oh yes, Striker packs, RG Striker packs. with a RG Skygrasper to boot Bet the fans who got the RG Aile Strike are very, very happy right now...

RG Striker packs with skygrasper set
Release Date: Feb2012
Price: 2500 yen

HG 1/144 LaGOWE:

  Looks like the infamous Lagowe used by Andrew "The Desert Tiger" Waltfeld its getting the HD tratment too, if anything, seems bandai is serious with the HG SEED Line

HG 1/144 LaGOWE
Release date: Feb 2012
Price:1300 yen

   Bandai online shop exclusives. We got two Striker pack-less Strikes (way to milk the strike again Bandai ) and a sleeves version of the Dra C.....

Judging by how we just got MG Stormed on Day 1 (Seriously, Feb has 2 MG's we got three more mg's following in 3 straight months, AND Heavyarms to kick off the year, that's like 6 MG's) 2012 may be the yer of the Gundam, the year we have all been waiting for :D

all info on release dates and expo pics courtesy of Gundam Guy

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A taste of what's to come

Well, I checked a particular Twitter feed and found this:
Bandai won't be holding back

   Seems like Bandai won't be holding back with the next upcoming hobby expo.. as Seen in their twitter feed posts, two grabbed my attention... The first being a preview of the MG AGE 1 (Assuming due to PV) and the unveiling of a new SEED MG Kit at the expo.. the second one is the real interesting bit here. considering that we have one HD remastering coming up for the SEED line...... So who's the lucky MS getting the MG treatment?

 Well it's pretty much assumptions only at this point, all we can do is wait for the expo. then We'll have answers.

as noted from GGInfinite, The Gunpla Expo World tour Japan will be held Nov 4 till nov 6 at the UDX Akiba Square

And MAC starts 2012 with a Bang!

  You know MAC right? No, if your thinking about that burger from Mcdonald's, your wrong. When I say MAC, I mean the Mech Arts Community forums. Arguably among the friendliest Gunpla hobby sites I know about.

  Okay,so a few weeks or months ago, a few notable MAC members like Kamn and Sneeper decided to make this big contest for fun...... and so the 2012 Mecha contest was born

  And trust me, these guys ain't makin this contest small either, We got lots of sponsors here like GGinfinite and Hobbymate AND This will be a worldwide event. Yes, you read right, a worldwide event, so....if you want to join in I've posted a link to where you can find the rules below

  Also here's the link for MAC Forums:

And finally a video, her's what's in store for the lucky winners...

   I wasn't kidding when I said the prizes will be big, so start planning, get your money and tools ready for the start of the new year... cause we're starting it with a BANG!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Delta Plus: Gallery

   So here's the gallery of My Delta  Plus, enjoy..

MA mode:

MS mode:

As noted, I split he fingers of this thing, and dear lord I do no know why it took me THIS long to just post he gallery, thing's been complete for nearly a month... :/ well. Enjoy