Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mecha contest 2012 entry: OOB Painted - MG EW Heavyarms WIP 1

So for The epic Mecha 2012 Contest over at MAC Forums, I decided to take one leap of faith

Core block unit, similar in structure to other wing kits, then again they share one frame

Progress on the chest and arms

Last thing for ow, snapped the waist and skirt. ball joints give the skirt great flexibility freeing up spaces for the legs

Not much yet, but then again, I'm just getting started, heads up for upcoming updates soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hasbro Toy fair 2012 Fall Of Cybertron previews

The Hasbro Toy Fair 2012 is well underway and we get a good look at some of their latest toylines, from prime to Kre-O sets, but one of the biggest reveals so far would be the TF: Generations line, featuring the Fall of Cybertron cast:

All the Generations figures planned for release, note that Bruticus is a combiner so that makes eight

Bruticus in his combined form note the diferent colors for the arms:
He's made from 5 different TF's (The combaticons)

FoC Jazz, digging his accuracy with his in game model

FOC Optimus: Bulkier than his WFC counterpart. Still not bad for a toy

Shockwave: The dude the fans have been screaming for definitely NOT a disappointment there Hasbro :D

All are supposedly slated for release around fall

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fall of Cybertron toys revealed[UPDATE! Full body bruticus, onslaught, blast off and vortex pics added]

    I got some recent news concerning a new line of transformers... and the video below  is related to it..
   Yup, that was the fall of cybertron teaser trailer. significant as it features the first characters for the toyline. Yup, FOC now has a toyline coming up and the first peeks we get are that of the dangerous combaticons.

Bruticus: Combaticon gestalt made from all 5 members (supposedly all are deluxes)


Swnidle: Deluxe class

Brawl: Deluxe class

Blast Off: