Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RG Related info....

RG Skygrasper: Feb release


Image of the strike  using both strikers included with th skyrasper using all 3 packs:

RG Mk II: April Release

design image (Yes not a surprise):

Prototype pic:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Releases for March and April

Bandai March Release:
MG  Unicorn 02 Banshee (assuming it is the OVA ver) -5500 yen

 Yes, it came FASTER than anybody thought. and darn it it is SEXY

HGUC Marasai [UC Ver]- 1600 yen
HGUC Zaku I Sniper [Yolen Kirk Custom] - 1600 yen
HGUC Juagg - 1700 Yen

RG Mk II Gundam- 2500

Anybody smell Many variants of this RG? I know I do...

Well The Mk II RG is nice, but the real kicker here is the Banshee MG. being released WAY before Unicorn Ep 5 and hell if I recall, one of the AGE's Counterparts (Titus I think) is ALSO being released on March. talk about brutal.... also we confirmed that the Buster, Blitz and Aegis will be released throughout the year

Friday, January 6, 2012

MG 1/100 Heavyarms Boxart and Decals Confirmed!

MG 1/100 Heavyarms
Release date: Jan 26, 2012

Well I'll be damned bandai, you did not disappoint us here also. Well done :D

And here we have a new official pic confirming Decals for this kit. Sandrock eat your heart out, this kit might not have as many decals or stripes. But a good deal of them are small..... good luck guys the wait is almost over.