Saturday, October 29, 2011

Delta Plus: Gallery

   So here's the gallery of My Delta  Plus, enjoy..

MA mode:

MS mode:

As noted, I split he fingers of this thing, and dear lord I do no know why it took me THIS long to just post he gallery, thing's been complete for nearly a month... :/ well. Enjoy

Friday, October 14, 2011

MG 1/100 Heavyarms EW with colors sighted

   Remember the prototype pictures of our friend Heavyarms? Well, bandai pulled a fast one again on us....
yeah, what you see now is a picture of the same Heavyarms kit, MG. Except it's now in full color with all it's gear (Including shield).

   Few points worth noting bout it:
  • First thing, the missile pads on the shoulder look like they're one whole piece (Internal parts wit the missiles themselves anyway). So painting em will be a pain.
  •  Next, seems that unlike the shoulder missiles, the ones on the leg and hips will be easier to paint as they are separate pieces. 
  •  Final note is that the one displayed with colors seems to lack the detachable knife.
  • on the good side though, looks like his signature weapon rotates. whenever it will have a motor like the kotobukiya gattling gun though... is a good question
 That's all I can see for issues so far with this. now, onto the pics...


       Heavyarms in all out assault mode (Most GW Fans will recognize this)


       Note the diorama. can anybody guess the scene from Wing? (Pretty obvius) And I spy tons of 1/100 Leos getting Pwned. XD

    Gundam Kit: EW Heavyarms . MG 1/100 scale
    Release date: January 2012
    1st sighting: All Japan model hobby show
    price:  3800 yen

    Pictures courtesy of Gundam Guy

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    MG 1/100 Heavyarms EW prototype sighted.

      Anybody remember the EW MG Line? so far, all but one of the 5 protagonist suits were released. Now I just saw these pics this morning. from the 51st All Japan Model Show from Bandai, can you guess the gundam/MS?


       Yeah, pretty sure you guys could tell by 1st glance, It's the HEAVYARMS!! Finally, bandai gives us a prototype of the long awaited unit from Gundam Wing. And I'd have to say, this holds the most promise out of all the EW kits yet. Now for the bad news, it comes out next year. January to be exact, so start saving. If you loved this unit as a kid or when you first watched Gundam Wing, you know this is a must have :D.

    Pictures courtesy of Gundam Guy