Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prototype HGUC Delta sighted

So I browsed a fellow blogger's site and found this picture from a scan of the Hobby Magazine's feb issue.

   Now look at the MS Resin prototype there. Seems familiar? Looks like the Delta Plus right?  Bandai's made it official, we got one HGUC Delta Gundam coming in round March next year. As all Gundam fans know, the Delta Gundam was a prototype developed by Anaheim Electronics around the time of the Gryps Conflict (Time of Zeta Gundam) But during it's construction, the Delta's frame was discovered to have flaws. It made the unit essentally unable to transform (That would risk it tearng itself apart due to stress) And the Delta was eventually redesigned as the Hyaku Shiki. Years later, the concept was reinvestigated and the Delta Plus was created.

Delta Gundam MS Mode:

Wavrider mode:

That's it for MS Lore, only known info is that it will be essentially a transforming Hyaku Shiki (Colors are the same, so is the gun)
But with the plating (Gold) this will be a bit more on the expensive side for HGUC's

HGUC 1/144 Delta Gundam
Release Date: March 2012

Price: 4200 Yen

Credits to B - mecha for the scan

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