Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hasbro Toy fair 2012 Fall Of Cybertron previews

The Hasbro Toy Fair 2012 is well underway and we get a good look at some of their latest toylines, from prime to Kre-O sets, but one of the biggest reveals so far would be the TF: Generations line, featuring the Fall of Cybertron cast:

All the Generations figures planned for release, note that Bruticus is a combiner so that makes eight

Bruticus in his combined form note the diferent colors for the arms:
He's made from 5 different TF's (The combaticons)

FoC Jazz, digging his accuracy with his in game model

FOC Optimus: Bulkier than his WFC counterpart. Still not bad for a toy

Shockwave: The dude the fans have been screaming for definitely NOT a disappointment there Hasbro :D

All are supposedly slated for release around fall

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  1. What they need is to do RElease the Fucking Seekers and GRIMLOCK FTW!